Two VM Mercruiser 220hp Diesel Engines

These are two VM Mercruiser 220hp diesel engines awaiting to be dismantled to rectify damage caused by water ingress when the boat sunk in the harbour. They will both require stripping down to a bare cylinder block to check for corrosion and any wear.

After dismantling and rectifying the damage, the engine on the left was found to have been overheated due to a leaking water pump. This has lead to a low coolant situation which allowed the engine to over heat which then caused damage to the cylinder heads. The engine was sent to the VM Diesel Specialists in a partly dismantled state. We receive almost as many VM engines which have been partly dismantled as we do complete VM engines.

The engine on the right has a broken crankshaft due to a faulty crankshaft torsional vibration damper.

We have done many different repairs to the VM marine engines particularly of this type. These include crankshaft replacement, damage caused by inlet and exhaust valve breakage, cracking of cylinder heads due to the engines being allowed to run with a low coolant level due to leak of hoses and water pump, turbo replacements and porous cylinder liners. We very often find that wear is not a big problem and we usually replace just the damage components and this keeps down the overall cost of the repair. It also proves the longevity of the VM marine diesel engine.


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