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    The VM Diesel Specialist

    The VM Diesel Specialist is devoted purely to reconditioning and supplying genuine Vancini and Martelli (VM) spare parts for the complete range of VM diesel engines, including the Chrysler Voyager, Jeep Cherokee, LDV Maxus vans, diesel Mercruiser & Cummins Mercruiser marine engines, manufactured by VM. Also BMW marine diesels, industrial and road sweeper 64B & 65B VM engines.

    The VM diesel engine company manufacture industrial, marine and automotive diesel engines, in air and water cooled versions, from small automotive diesel engines of 1.5 litres up to marine & industrial diesel engines of 22.29 litres. We cover the complete range.

    The VM Diesel Specialist can repair or recondition your automotive/marine VM diesel engine, supply new VM diesel engines or supply new or used VM spare parts if you prefer to repair your own engine, mostly from stock or special order for the more obscure applications.

    The VM Diesel Specialist can also offer a full range of engine repair, machining, pressure testing electronic diagnostics and component checking services. As we carry a full range of spare parts and we have all the special tools for the VM diesel engines, we can carry out repairs and reconditioning to your engine quickly and efficiently without the long wait that can occur at some repair shops.

    Click to find out what makes The VM Diesel Specialist so unique and to see the complete range of VM diesel engines for which we supply genuine VM spare parts.

  • Having started the company back in 1988 (specialising purely in VM diesel engines), we firmly believe that The VM Diesel Specialist has reconditioned and repaired more VM industrial marine and automotive diesel engines than any other company or individual in the UK. Hence we have gained 22 years experience and more knowledge than anyone else as far as VM diesel engines are concerned.

    So, if it is genuine VM spares or repairs that you need, here is the complete range of VM diesel engines that we can supply genuine VM spare parts for:

    • HR 94 Industrial 64B & 65B - Road Sweeper, MATHIEU, BUCHER, SCHMIDT, JOHNSTON. EURO 4.
    • RANGE ROVER VM Turbo Diesel engines - 2.4 & 2.5 HR 492 series
    • JEEP VM Turbo Diesel engines - JEEP CHEROKEE and GRAND CHEROKEE - VM 425 & 531series
    • CHRYSLER VOYAGER VM Turbo Diesel engines - VM 425 series
    • CHRYSLER VOYAGER VM Turbo Diesel common rail engines - VM R2516c & VM R2816c series
    • CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER VM Turbo Diesel common rail engines - VM R2516c & VM R2816c series
    • LDV MAXUS VAN VM Turbo Diesel common rail engines - VM R2516c & VM R2816c series
    • VM SUN Industrial Air cooled Diesel engines. SUN 105 series.
    • VM D700 Industrial water cooled - D700 series.
    • VM Air and water cooled VM engines, Vee engines, SU and RA series.
    • VM MERCRUISER, CUMMINS MERCRUISER AND BMW Marine Turbo Diesel engines - HR, MID, MD.

    For information about the services we are able to offer, please see the Services, Mercruiser and Jeep Chrysler sections.

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  • Services

    Information and Advice

    With 22 years of experience in problem solving on VM diesel engines, we have gained a wide knowledge of all aspects of VM diesel engines and parts. We offer all of our customers professional advice on the most cost effective and time efficient methods to suit their individual needs.

    Cylinder Head Service

    A VM cylinder head checking service is offered free of charge. This includes a visual examination for overheating damage, distortion, corrosion, internal cavitation, cracking, loose combustion chambers and valve seats.

    Collection & Delivery

    The VM Diesel Specialist provides a worldwide collection and delivery service for all engines or VM cylinder heads requiring checking. Genuine VM parts supplied by mail order for next day delivery. Sea and Air mail Delivery also available for Customers outside the UK.


    All prices quoted are ex VAT and are subject to change - regarding current exchange rates. Postage prices vary depending on weight of goods, destination and chosen service type. Please contact us for an individual quote.

    Payment Methods Accepted

    We accept various methods of payment including Bank Transfers and most popular credit cards. (All prices quotes for individual parts are excluding VAT.)

    Contact The VM Diesel Specialist now for your free quote.

  • Locating Your Serial Number

    How to find yours.


    How to to locate your serial number

  • Mercruiser

    Mercruiser Engine

    The VM Diesel Specialist is a company devoted purely to reconditioning and supplying genuine VM spare parts for the complete range of VM marine diesel engines.

    The range includes the diesel MERCRUISER & CUMMINS MERCRUISER marine engines (manufactured by VM), BMW diesel marine and the SUN air-cooled marine diesel engines.

    In our workshop we have the VM special tools and facilities for pressure testing of the heat exchangers. We also carry gaskets and O-rings for the marine heat exchangers.

    Specialist techniques have been developed by The VM Diesel Specialist to pressure test the VM watercooled range of engines to locate minute amounts of porosity or cracking that occurs which can cause coolant loss or pressuring or oil/water cross contamination which incidentally, normal methods of pressure testing can fail to highlight.

  • Mercruiser Services

    BMW Marine Engine

    Services Provided

    • Engine component machining and crankshaft grinding.
    • Cylinder head pressure testing
    • Heat exchanger testing
    • Fuel equipment checking and repair service

    Range of engines covered

    • BMW Marine Motor D150 to D190 and D530 to D636
    • Mercruiser 4.2L/220 Hp 694
    • VM MD704-706 range
    Contact The VM Diesel Specialist now for Mercrusier Services.
  • Jeep Chrysler VM Engines

    The VM Diesel Specialist is a vehicle repair garage offering VM spare parts for the complete range of VM Jeep diesel engines. The range includes the CHRYSLER VOYAGER and GRAND VOYAGER, JEEP CHEROKEE, JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE and LONDON TAXI VM turbo engines.

    So what is so special about the VM Diesel Specialist & why take your engine all the way to the UK?

    • It's a combination of 22 years (since 1987) of repairing and reconditioning nothing but VM diesel engines.
    • A team comprising two of the best and most experienced mechanics on VM engines in the UK, including one of the most highly trained CHRYSLER/ JEEP Cherokee main dealer mechanics.
    • A large stock of new genuine VM jeep spares and a huge stock of good used jeep spares.
    • Excellent workshop facilities and all the jeep VM special tools.
    • Top of the range electronic diagnostics equipment and a vast amount of jeep technical data and knowledge.
    • An excellent recovery service for non-running jeep vehicles included.

    All this and you have the perfect combination for us to carry out swift and effective repairs to your CHRYSLER/ JEEP vehicle/ VM diesel engine, without the long wait some other repair shops give you.

    >> Click to read more about the VM Diesel Specialist's UK & Worldwide Jeep-Chrysler service

    Why send your vehicle to any other general repair shop when you can could send it to a genuinely dedicated specialist repair VM CHRYSLER/JEEP garage? It would be like sending a Rolls Royce for repair to Joe Bloggs around the corner! Contact The VM Diesel Specialist now.

  • Jeep Chrysler Expertise

    For over 20 years, The VM Diesel Specialist has been repairing CHRYSLER / JEEP VM engines for customers from not only around the UK but worldwide. This is because we can give highly accurate quotations for Jeep engine repair work over the phone or by e-mail. We are able to provide this advantageous service because we have all frequently required Jeep Chrysler parts in stock and the knowledge of how long the job should take. This way, you know how much it's going to cost to repair your Jeep Chrysler vehicle before you send it to us.

    So why send your Jeep/ Chrysler vehicle to any other general repair garage when you can can send it to a genuinely dedicated specialist VM CHRYSLER / JEEP repair garage? Contact The VM Diesel Specialist now.

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  • Contact

    To contact us here at The VM Diesel Specialist, please email or fill out the form below providing as much detail as possible regarding your enquiry. Where possible, details should include the engine type, year and VM engine serial number*.

    All enquiries are dealt with as soon as possible and you will receive a response shortly after you have submitted your enquiry. If your enquiry is particularly urgent then you may wish to phone our offices on the number shown at the bottom of the page.

    If you are enquiring about the services we are able to offer, then please first have a look at the other relevant sections of this site.

    See details of where to locate your engine serial number.

  • Location


    We are located in Chesterfield, just off the A61. From the M1, take junction 29 and follow signs towards Chesterfield and then Sheffield on the A61. At the second roundabout where the B6050 crosses the A61 (with Travel lodge/Cafe) take fifth exit (Brimington Road North). The Industrial Estate is located on the right-hand side shortly after Little Chef. Take the first 90deg right BEFORE the bridge. This will bring you onto the Industrial Estate. Turn left onto Thompson Street. Our workshop is in the grey factory unit on the left-hand side, opposite Websters Metals. We are in the 2nd of those 2 units. For more direct routes from either Sheffield or J30 on the M1, follow signs for Chesterfield etc.

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