We have reconditioned over 1,550 engines
and repaired countless others!

The VM Diesel Specialist is devoted purely to reconditioning and supplying genuine Vancini and Martelli (VM) spare parts for the complete range of VM diesel engines. These including the Chrysler Voyager, Jeep Cherokee, LDV Maxus vans, diesel Mercruiser & Cummins Mercruiser marine engines, manufactured by VM, also BMW marine diesels, industrial and road sweeper 64B & 65B VM engines, including euro 4 & 5.

VM industrial Engine VM Diesel Marine Engine VM Automotive Engine






The VM diesel engine company manufacture industrial, marine and automotive diesel engines, in air and water cooled versions, from small automotive diesel engines of 1.5 litres up to marine & industrial diesel engines of 22.29 litres. We cover the complete range.

The VM Diesel Specialist can repair or recondition your VM diesel engine, supply new VM diesel engines or supply new or used VM spare parts if you prefer to repair your own engine, particularly if it is a more obscure application.

The VM Diesel Specialist can also offer a full range of engine repair, machining, pressure testing electronic diagnostics and component checking services. As we carry a full range of spare parts and we have all the special tools for the VM diesel engines, we can carry out repairs and reconditioning to your engine quickly and efficiently without the long wait that can occur at some repair shops.

Having started the company back in 1988 (specialising purely in VM diesel engines), we firmly believe that The VM Diesel Specialist has reconditioned and repaired more VM industrial marine and automotive diesel engines than any other company or individual in the UK. Hence since 1988 we have gained more experience and more knowledge than anyone else as far as VM diesel engines are concerned.

So, if it is genuine VM spares or repairs that you need, here is the complete range of VM diesel engines that we can supply genuine VM spare parts for:

    • HR 94 Industrial 64B & 65B – Road Sweeper, MATHIEU, BUCHER, SCHMIDT, JOHNSTON. EURO 4.
    • RANGE ROVER VM Turbo Diesel engines – 2.4 & 2.5 HR 492 series
    • JEEP VM Turbo Diesel engines – JEEP CHEROKEE and GRAND CHEROKEE – VM 425 & 531series
    • CHRYSLER VOYAGER VM Turbo Diesel engines – VM 425 series
    • CHRYSLER VOYAGER VM Turbo Diesel common rail engines – VM R2516c & VM R2816c series
    • CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER VM Turbo Diesel common rail engines – VM R2516c & VM R2816c series
    • LDV MAXUS VAN VM Turbo Diesel common rail engines – VM R2516c & VM R2816c series
    • VM SUN Industrial Air cooled Diesel engines. SUN 105 series.
    • VM D700 Industrial water cooled – D700 series.
    • VM Air and water cooled VM engines, Vee engines, SU and RA series.
    • VM MERCRUISER, CUMMINS MERCRUISER AND BMW Marine Turbo Diesel engines – HR, MID, MD.