The VM Diesel Specialist is a vehicle repair workshop offering VM spare parts for the complete range of VM Chrysler Voyager’s and Jeep Cherokee diesel engines.

So what is so special about the VM Diesel Specialist and why take your engine to their workshop to be repaired?

The VM Diesel Specialists have been around since 1988 and have many years of experience when repairing and reconditioning nothing but VM diesel engines. We have a team consisting of three of the best and most experienced engineers on VM engines in the UK, including one of the most highly trained Chrysler and Jeep main dealer mechanics. We keep a large range of stock which is all genuine VM Chrysler and Jeep spare parts. We have excellent workshop facilities and many Chrysler and Jeep VM special tools. We have the top of the range electronic diagnostics equipment and a vast amount of Chrysler and Jeep technical data and knowledge. We offer an excellent recovery service for non-running vehicles all around the UK. Add all this together and you have the perfect combination for us to carry out swift and effective repairs to your Chrysler or Jeep vehicle fitted with a VM diesel engine without the long wait.

Why send your vehicle to any other general repair shop when you can send it to a workshop that is genuinely dedicated to the repair of VM Chrysler Jeeps and Voyagers?

The VM Diesel Specialist has been repairing Chrysler and Jeep VM engines for customers from not only around the UK but from around the world. This is because we can give very accurate quotations for Jeep engine repair work over the phone or by e-mail. We are able to offer this advantageous service because we have all often required Jeep Chrysler parts in stock and the knowledge of how long the job should take. This way, you know how much it’s going to cost to repair your Jeep Chrysler vehicle before you send it to us.

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