The VM Diesel Specialist provides a worldwide collection and delivery service for all engines or VM cylinder heads requiring checking. Genuine VM parts are supplied by mail order for next day delivery. Sea and air mail delivery is also available for customers outside the UK.

We can offer a same day collection service if we are notified before 11am on VM engines. The engine must be drained of oil and secured on to a pallet.

All goods transported by carriers and pallet networks are usually insured at the standard rate of £1000 per ton (£1 per kilogram). However as an example if you engine weighs 400 kilogram, then should it go missing or it get damaged beyond repair during transit, you will only receive £400. However, most VM engines have a higher value than this, so you may consider taking out extra insurance. This service may also apply to consignments of spare parts.

We can collect road sweepers, automotive vehicles and plant fitted with VM engines that weigh up to 4 tons with our own vehicle at competitive rates. Anything above this weight is contracted out to haulage contractors.

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