The VM Diesel Specialist is a company devoted purely to reconditioning and supplying genuine VM spare parts for the complete range of VM marine diesel engines.

The range includes the diesel Mercruiser and Cummins Mercruiser marine engines which are manufactured by VM, BMW diesel marine and the SUN air-cooled marine diesel engines.

In our workshop we have the VM special tools and facilities for pressure testing of the heat exchangers. We also carry gaskets and O-rings for the marine heat exchangers.

Specialist techniques have been developed by The VM Diesel Specialist to pressure test the VM water-cooled range of engines to locate minute amounts of porosity or cracking that occurs which can cause coolant loss or pressuring or oil/water cross contamination which incidentally, normal methods of pressure testing can fail to highlight.

The services we provided on these engines are engine component machining and crankshaft grinding, cylinder head checking service, heat exchanger testing and fuel equipment checking and repair service.

The wide range of VM engines that we cover are mainly the BMW Marine Motors D150 to D190 and D530 to D636, Mercruiser 4.2L/220 Hp 694, VM MD704-706 range and the MR704 and 706.

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