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VM Intercooler

This is a typical intercooler for the VM marine engine that was rebadged as a BMW 636 180hp. We also supply intercoolers and heat exchangers for the VM Mercruiser and MD700 range.

Two VM Mercruiser 220hp Diesel Engines

These are two VM Mercruiser 220hp diesel engines awaiting to be dismantled to rectify damage caused by water ingress when the boat sunk in the harbour. They will both require stripping down to a bare cylinder block to check for corrosion and any …
VM Taxi Engine

London Taxi TX4 VM Motori Diesel Engine

This is a typical VM CRD 2.5 London Taxi TX4 engine, awaiting strip down and examination to assess the reason for crankshaft seizure. Failure of the main bearings and surface cracking (fissures) of the crankshaft journals are common. After dismantling this VM engine …

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