VM Motori MD704 LS Engine

This VM Motori MD704 LS engine was sent to our workshop after it was fitted into a boat and it would not start.  It transpired that the engine had been in storage for 10 years and had not been started in that period.  We discovered that a valve had stuck inside the injector pump not allowing fuel to be pressurised on the high pressure side of the fuel injector pump.  After the pump was dismantled and rebuilt, the engine ran very nicely.

VM Motori MD704 LS

The customer also required that we check all the bearings on the auxilliary equipment such as a fresh water and sea water pumps, auxilliary belt idler pulleys, and the alternator.  The wiring harness was also removed and all the connections were checked for corrosion as well as the engine ECU.

A complete engine service and check was carried out and the engine was refitted into the boat and it is now back in the fishing boat on the west coast of Scotland working to it’s full potential.