The VM Diesel Specialist is a vehicle repair workshop offering VM spare parts for the London Taxi TX4 fitted with the VM 2.5 CRD 16 valve engine.

We have reconditioned and repaired many London Taxi VM CRD engines and we know about the problems that taxi operators are experiencing with this engine such as damage to the crankshaft main bearings, crank and big end bearings. The VM London Taxi TX4 engine is similar to the VM engine used Chrysler Voyager’s and the Jeep Cherokee’s but there are many small differences.

Some taxi operators prefer to have their own engine reconditioned. If we do this, then the customer’s engine is dismantled and all the internal components are examined for wear or damage and then we can calculate the cost of the parts required and the repair to the customer’s engine, including the labour. This can be more cost effective than a completely reconditioned exchange engine.

We have a team comprising of three of the best and most experienced engineers on VM engines in the UK.

We keep a large range of stock which is all genuine VM spare parts.

We have excellent workshop facilities and the correct London Taxi special tools.

We have the top of the range electronic diagnostics equipment and a vast amount of technical data and knowledge.

We offer an excellent recovery service for non-running vehicles all around the UK.

All this and you have the perfect combination for us to carry out swift and effective repairs to your London Taxi vehicle fitted with a VM TX4 diesel engine without the long wait which is essential for taxi operators.

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